Rob Skiba has been on the stage since being one of the founding members of his High School Drama Club back in 1986. From that time through 2002, Rob was an active member of numerous theater groups and even toured the country with a traveling acting troop doing large venue shows. From 2003 to the present he has beenĀ an active life-training coach serving in the role of a Director for several parts of the Road Adventure seminars. And he has been doing independent seminars all over the world based on his research since 2010. So, needless to say, he has extensive public speaking experience.

Have you seen any of his numerous YouTube videos and DVD’s or read any of his books? Did you find the information interesting and helpful? If so, and you would like your friends, family, church or other group to hear it, now you can book Rob Skiba to come and speak in your city!


The calendar below represents the times and dates of Rob’s various radio shows, conferences and other events: